Producer or importer of EE products?

Pursuant to Norwegian law (the Waste Regulations chaps. I-IV, sections 1-11a), anyone who produces or imports electrical or electronic products (EE products) in or to Norway is required to be a member of an approved take-back company.

RENAS is Norway’s leading EE take-back company with over 3000 members – more than all Norway’s other EE take-back companies added together. Today, three out of five companies that register with a Norwegian EE take-back company choose RENAS.

  • Low costs:RENAS is a non-profit company.There is no registration fee and no fixed costs.All you pay is an environmental charge to cover our costs for collection and final treatment.
  • No reporting:RENAS calculates the environmental charge automatically, based on import data from the authorities.

  • A reliable solution:RENAS offers Norway’s largest and most specialised take-back environment with the most stringent quality and safety requirements.

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