Our partners

RENAS collaborates with the top organizations and associations in manufacturing, consumer electronics, production, and recycling. We support important work and development with our partnerships, contributing relevant and current industry knowledge to broaden our reach and work towards a common goal.

Elektroforeningen (EFO) holds 50% ownership in RENAS with two board members. EFO is an industry association for suppliers and wholesalers of electrical engineering materials, equipment, and solutions.
Trade Association Elektro and Energi, part of the Federation of Norwegian Industries (Norsk Industri), holds 50% ownership in RENAS with two representatives on the board. Norsk Industri represents almost all industry sectors in Norway, employing over 125,000 employees. Norway’s engineering sector totals over 600 companies active in automation, machining, metal-forming, and production equipment.
RENAS partners with Grønt Punkt Norge (GPN), non-profit financing the Return Schemes for packaging materials: including; glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, beverage cardboard, and corrugated cardboard. Renas provides Return Schemes through the agreement with GPN.
RENAS has a partnership agreement with Batteriretur®, a company collecting and recycling all types of batteries across Norway. We can therefore offer recycling of batteries as part of the RENAS agreement.
RENAS is a co-founder of Circular Norway, a company with its mission to help companies accelerate the transition from linear to the Circular Economy. Bjørn Arild Thon, General manager of RENAS, is chairman of the board of Circular Norway.
RENAS is a partner in the electronics industry’s reuse initiative, OmBrukt AS. The goal is to reduce unnecessary electronic waste, and together with suppliers, shops, workshops, and reuse companies have developed an approval scheme and product database.

The aim is that the reuse of electronic products can responsibly take place so consumer safety is safeguarded and supplier responsibility is clarified.

RENAS has a co-operation agreement with LOOP. LOOP operates sortere.no and LOOP Miljøskole, among others. LOOP was founded on the initiative of return companies and collaborates with municipalities and waste disposal across the nation. In addition to funding from partners, LOOP receives annual support from the Ministry of Climate and Environment.
WEEE Forum is an international organization for Electrical and Electronic (EE) waste return, with members from all over the world, primarily from Europe. Knowledge sharing and competence development in systems, technology, operations, reporting, and participation in political issues are essential to WEEE Forum.

WEEE Forum has been the initiator of projects against illegal trade in EE waste (CWIT), the creation of the Urban Mine Platform with data on secondary raw materials from EE waste, discarded cars and batteries, and a new standard for treatment of EE waste (WEEELABEX) as is being processed for implementation in the EU.

Skift logo Shift is a business-led climate initiative, of which RENAS is a member and partner. The organization aims to drive Norway to reach its climate goals by 2030 and to take the lead by showing what business opportunities lie in the transition to a low-emission society.
Avfall Norge logo RENAS is a member of Avfall Norge, an industry organization for the Norwegian waste and recycling industry. Avfall Norge has over 200 members from both the private and public sectors and is a driving force for a comprehensive waste policy.
Hold Norge Rent logo RENAS er medlem av Hold Norge Rent, en ideell forening som arbeider mot forsøpling. Målet er å forebygge forsøpling av miljøet og engasjere frivillige til opprydding av søppel og farlig avfall i norsk natur. Et av Hold Norge Rents viktigste tiltak er Strandryddedagen.RENAS is a member of Keep Norway Clean, a non-profit association that works against littering. The goal is to prevent litter and engage volunteers to clean up rubbish and hazardous waste in the Norwegian countryside. One of Hold Norge Rent’s most important measures is Beach Cleanup Day.
Avfallsforsk is a network that facilitates research projects of common interest to the waste and recycling industry players. The network also disseminates trends and research results in waste and recycling. Avfallsforsk is an initiative from the industry organization Avfall Norge.
REdu is the waste and recycling industry’s competence boost. RENAS is a REdu partner and supports educational programs in the industry. The program supports students who want a summer job, project collaboration, or master’s theses in waste and recycling.
RENAS is a member of the Norwegian Center for Circular Economy, a cluster consisting of industrial and recycling actors in the state Østfold, as well as the former cluster NoWaste. The organization aims to be an attractive collaboration and innovation arena for the transition to a circular economy to develop new business models to maximize the utilization of waste products or residual products. The center has a test laboratory for testing materials and builds a database for residual products and waste resources.
Norsk forum for batterisikkerhet



The Norwegian Forum for Battery Safety (NFB) is a forum for industrial users of batteries, public institutions, and research institutions. The purpose is to spread knowledge that can increase the safe usage of lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and other high-energy batteries. The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) is the secretariat for the forum.

RENAS also supports the following organizations that we believe make an invaluable contribution to society:

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