About us

RENAS is Norway’s leading Electrical and Electronic (EE) waste compliance company. With 14 treatment plants and 100 collectors across the country, RENAS handles the producer responsibility for almost 2700 manufacturers and importers of EE products. RENAS is a non-profit organization, owned by Elektroforeningen (EFO) and the trade association Elektro and Energi.



Bjørn Arild Thon


Phone +47 918 01 026

E-mail bjorn.a.thon@renas.no

Istvan Molnar

Key Account Manager

Phone  +47 930 12 640

E-mail istvan.molnar@renas.no

Oktay Dordipour

Technical manager

Phone +47 413 93 707

E-mail oktay@renas.no

Per Halvard Øveren

Operations Manager

Phone +47 928 47 777

E-mail per.halvard@renas.no

Rolf Arne Olsen


Phone +47 900 14 286

E-mail rolf.a.olsen@renas.no

Anja Ronesen

Marketing and communications manager

Phone +47 913 58 527

E-mail anja.ronesen@renas.no

Oddmar Uri


Phone +47 934 57 019

E-mail oddmar.uri@renas.no

Eyrun Gudjonsdottir

Business Development Manager

Phone +47 481 849 03

E-mail eyrun@renas.no

The board


Frank Jaegtnes

Chairman of the Board



Gaute Vestbøstad

Board member

Bombardier Transportation Norway

(The Federation of Norwegian Industries)

Geir Bjørnstad

Board member

EVBox Norway AS


Hans Petter Rebo

Board member

Norsk Industri

(The Federation of Norwegian Industries)

Vibeke Lærum

Board member

Advokatfirmaet Lærum AS

(External representative)

Arne Klette



(The Federation of Norwegian Industries)

 Jon Helsingeng


Eaton Electric AS

(The Federation of Norwegian Industries)