Our environmental policy

We ensure cost-effective and environmentally friendly collection, treatment, and recycling of electrical and electronic waste (EE waste) according to current regulations and certification requirements.

RENAS also plays an important role in the circular economy. This responsibility extends beyond ensuring that waste is delivered for recycling and that hazardous substances do not end up in nature or the biogeochemical cycles. It means being a driving force in the recycling industry by contributing to innovation, development, and new business related to the materials we handle. RENAS contributes to long-term thinking and good resource management.

We encourage treatment plants to achieve the highest possible recycling rate for all products and fractions. In addition, we stimulate the use of the best available technology (BAT) and innovation in treatment methods. We facilitate the exchange of experience between treatment facilities in detecting hazardous substances and advanced treatment technology.

RENAS is a link between producers and recyclers to select treatment methods and recycled materials best suited to include in new production.

We stimulate waste owners to sort at the source and hand in EE waste to approved collection centers through our collection model. At the same time, we disseminate information about the return scheme and its good effects to the general population.