Terms and Conditions

1. Legal basis for RENAS recycling operation.

Reference is made to chapter 1, appendix 1 and appendix 2 in the Norwegian legal provisions for recycling of electrical and electronic products (the EE regulations).
The EE regulations require manufacturers/importers to arrange for free collection of EE waste in corresponding geographical areas of the country where the manufacturer’s/importer’s products are sold or distributed. The Branche organisations EFO (Elektroforeningen) and Elektro og Energi (an association within Norsk Industri) have set up RENASAS to administrate a nationwide system to ensure the
collection and environmentally sound handling of EE waste. RENAS is an idealistic organisation which is operated on a non-profit basis. RENAS undertakes its members’ obligations towards the authorities.

2. RENAS’ obligations

RENAS offers its services to all manufacturers/importers affected by the EE regulations and whose product range falls within RENAS’ area of responsibility. On behalf of the member company, RENAS takes responsibility for fulfilling the authorities’ requirements regarding the collection and environmentally sound handling of EE-waste in accor- dance with the EE regulations, as well as managing all reporting to the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority and the EE register. RENAS shall at all times hold necessary permits and approvals to operate as a recycling company in accordance with the requirements of the EE regulations.

3. Members’ obligations

The Company undertakes to study the regulations regarding charges for recycling at the time of import or manufacture of EE products in Norway. The Company also undertakes to study the regulations regarding possible refund of such charges. The regulations and guide- lines can be found on RENAS’ website, www.renas.no
The Company accepts the charges at the rates applicable at any given time as set by RENAS. The rates can be found on www.renas.no.


At the time of import of EE products, the Company undertakes to accept the Charges for recycling collected by the Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excise, in connection with the customs declaration, or postponed collection if the charges have not been taken in connection with the customs declaration. By signing this agreement, the Company gives its consent, without limitations, for the Norwegian Directorate of Customs’ authorised agent to provide RENAS all information about the Company’s identity, tariff classification code, amount of goods, calculated charges, date of charges for recycling, as well as, after the due date, information concerning declared unpaid charges for recycling for products falling within RENAS’ area of responsibility.
Production in Norway:
Charges for recycling will be based on the Company’s own statements at the time of manufacture of the products, and calculated in arrears. Guidance for the calculation is available on RENAS’ website renas.no. RENAS may require that the turnover figures given by the company are confirmed by an auditor. RENAS has also the right to undertake sample check. In accordance with the EE regulations, the Company shall in all its information material and wherever otherwise appropriate advise that EE waste is not to be disposed together with other waste. Such materials must give info of location(s) where the EE products should be taken for scrapping, and that they are included in a system for return and recycling, and that they will be received without charge.

4. Payment

The payment of recycling charges will be done in accordance with section 3 of this agreement. In the event of delayed payment, interest will be charged in accordance with Norwegian Law for Interest on Overdue Payments.

5. Changes to these terms and conditions

The board of directors of RENAS may make changes to these terms and conditions of membership. Such changes will be binding on the parties from 1 January of the next year, provided that the changes have been sent out in writing by RENAS within 31 May the preceding year.

6. Duration of the agreement and notice period

The period of membership begins from the date that RENAS receives the signed agreement form and runs until the end of that calendar year. Thereafter the agreement is automatically renewed for one calendar year at a time. Membership may be terminated by either party with six months’ written notice before the end of a calendar year. Any such notification is to be sent by registered post and must be posted by 30
June at the latest in order for the agreement to expire on 31 December of that year.

7. Cancellation

If case of material breach of any clause in this agreement which is not corrected within 14 days – the other party may cancel the agreement with immediate effect.

8. Previous agreements

Any previous membership agreements between the Company and RENAS will no longer apply after thesignature of this agreement.