Treatment facilities

RENAS has agreements with 18 treatment plants across the country, as well as one plant for lightbulbs in Sweden. The requirements for safety and quality are high, and regular inspections ensure compliance.

Northern Norway

Østbø AS, Finneid Industriområde, 8200 Fauske


Stena Recycling AS, filial Hommelvik, Havneveien, 7550 Hommelvik
Stena Recycling AS, filial Orkanger, Vigorvegen 57, 7300 Orkanger
Metallco EE, Heggstadmyra 3, 7080 Trondheim

Western Norway

Stena Recycling AS, filial Kristiansund Vestbase, Omagata 122, 6516 Kristiansund
Elektrogjenvinning Møre AS, 6170 Vartdal
Stena Recycling AS, filial Bergen, Laksevågneset 3, 5160 Laksevåg
Stena Recycling AS, filial Haugesund, Bønesvegen 76, 4260 Torvastad
Stena Recycling AS, filial Stavanger, Mekjarvik 15, 4070 Randaberg

Southern Norway

Stena Recycling AS, filial Kristiansand, Andøyaveien 27, 4623 Kristiansand

Eastern Norway

Stena Recycling AS, filial Skien, Havnevegen 80, 3739 Skien
Hellik Teigen AS, Loesmoveien 1, 3300 Hokksund
Zirq Solutions AS, Ravneveien 11, 3174 Revetal
Revac AS, Haukeveien 11, 3174 Revetal
Norsk Gjenvinning Metall AS, avd. Drammen, Sota 11, 3040 Drammen
Metallco EE Norge AS, Mattisrudsvingen 101, 2827 Hunndalen
Stena Recycling AS, Tretjerndalsveien 70, Ausenfjellet, 2016 Frogner
Metallco Kabel AS, Titangata 14, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad


REMONDIS Sweden AB, Järnvägsgatan 20, 365 42 Hovmantorp, Sweden

Quality assurance of treatment facilities

The Waste Regulations set strict guidelines for recycling Electrical and Electronic (EE) waste. Proper environmental management has the highest priority at RENAS. To ensure the highest quality of final treatment, RENAS is the first recycling company in Norway to introduce certifications of all its treatment facilities. This certification means that the facilities have undergone a comprehensive check to increase the precision and safety of work performed. The requirements are more comprehensive than governmental regulations, including logistics, quality control, safety, training, and locations.

RENAS emphasizes training and preventive measures to ensure the highest result and greatest satisfaction. The certification obliges the treatment plant to meet requirements for procedures, competence, and quality per the agreement on the treatment of EE waste agreement.